Wet abrasive blasting


Wet abrasive blasting is a great solution for antifoul and paint removal on all surfaces. The low dust process removes 98% of airborne dust compared to the traditional blasting, This provides a cleaner and more efficient work area. 

Traditional dry blasting


We love our wet blasting machine but some areas and clients require the traditional dry sandblasting. We have the most up-to-date machines providing the blaster full control of pressures and media flow to suit any job from the removal of paint build-up to a single layer of paint.

Bilge and tank


We understand the thought of blasting an interior space can be scary. We always build the necessary containment so any waste or dust is contained in the work area. We use ventilation to remove any waste and dust products into a collection point outside of the yacht.

Paint and Coatings


We work with a huge range of suppliers providing us with the best product for the  job. We cover all types of refinishing from antifoul, tank, bilge painting and more. Contact us for more information on our refinishing process and products.